Part of the oldest and largest state conservation-corps program in the country, California Conservation Corps (CCC) crews returned to Yosemite in 2015, restoring trails and developing life skills. Crew members are young adults in their late teens and early 20s. They come from diverse backgrounds and are set on a path to success through on-the-job training in restoring and protecting the park’s natural resources.

CCC participants are trained in trail-building skills by world-class Yosemite crews to repair bridges, rehabilitate trail treads, clear drainages, fill trail ruts and more. Young adults learn the importance of protecting natural resources and providing for safe visitor access. They also leave with practical skills to apply to future careers. In 2015, crews completed backcountry restoration work in the Merced watershed (Lyell Fork and Echo Valley) and the Tuolumne Watershed (Stubblefield Canyon, Kerrick Meadow and Benson Lake). Over the course of six months, they worked on more than 112 miles of trails throughout the park, all while learning wilderness navigation and first aid, exploring the park’s natural and human history, honing their writing skills, and much more.

Here’s how one 2015 CCC crew member reflected on the opportunity to spend a season working on Yosemite’s trails:

“Programs like this need to be funded not only for California’s well-being, but for the world. We have so few resources remaining in this lifetime; we need to do what we can to preserve those that are left to us. And who better for that task than the youth and young adults of America, who will inherit this life and world after us.” — Jessie H., Yosemite CCC 2015

Your gift helped continue Yosemite’s long-running legacy of offering a top-notch trail system and best-in-class youth programs that engage the next generation in stewardship.

Completed in partnership with Yosemite National Park and California Conservation Corps (CCC).

Lou Summerfield

Facility Management Division, Roads & Trails

Project Notes

The California Conservation Corp trail program continues the long standing partnership with Yosemite National Park for backcountry trail work. In the 35 years of this program over 600 youths have participated in the program, resulting in thousands of miles of trails being improved and maintained.