The Pacific fisher, a member of the weasel family, is a medium-size mammal that lives in forest environments. Due to habitat degradation and other threatening factors, including a low reproductive rate, reduced genetic diversity, predators and disease, the Pacific fisher has disappeared from more than half its former range in California.

This project built on past successes by taking proactive measures to help sustain the existing Pacific fisher population in the park. An innovative wildlife-crossing structure was put in place to help fishers cross busy roads while avoiding vehicles. This structure provided a safer way for fishers to move around the park and helped give the population its best chance at survival and recovery.

Thanks to your continued support, this project is protecting one of Yosemite’s rarest species.

 Partnering with Yosemite National Park; Defenders of Wildlife; U.S. Forest Service; San Jose State University; University of California, Berkeley; Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project; and Fisher Study.

Sarah Stock

Wildlife Biologist

Project Notes

Wildlife plays a very important role, especially by connecting people to the natural world.