A highlight for many visitors to Yosemite is seeing a black bear in the wild. This electronic monitoring program keeps bears wild and away from developed areas.

New equipment means that wildlife biologists are able to track radio-collared and transmitter tagged bears in a greater area. Many more developed areas, such as campgrounds or parking lots, will be monitored. Rangers are able to respond quickly to alerts of bears in developed areas and safely move the bears away.

This expanded system also collects important data on bear movements around the park so that bears can be better protected.

The best bear sightings are in the wilderness, not at a campground. Thanks to your continued support these new monitors will help keep both bears and visitors safe.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park

Caitlin Lee-RoneyWildlife BiologistYosemite National Park

Project Notes

With better monitoring and faster response, bears will be seen more often in their natural habitat, eating their natural foods. Visitors will less often have to deal with bears damaging things or eating their food. Visitors and bears alike will be protected.