The annual Parsons Memorial Lodge Summer Series in Tuolumne Meadows is one of the most anticipated events of Yosemite’s summer season. This forum for the arts and sciences features diverse presenters, including photographers, writers, musicians and storytellers, as well as researchers, naturalists, historians, climbers, park planners and others.

Through engaging talks and presentations, the weekend series inspires visitors to explore Yosemite’s natural and cultural history, instills stewardship values in a diverse audience, and honors the lodge’s founding purpose to serve as a vibrant gathering place to share powerful ideas. The 2016 season celebrated the 25th anniversary of the series and the centennial of the National Park Service with a lineup that included talks on Sierra Nevada-based scientific research; readings by renowned authors such as Terry Tempest Williams and Elizabeth Kolbert; conversations with artists and activists; live musical performances; and an outdoor yoga and writing session.

Your gifts supported the continued success of a popular program that provides visitors with opportunities to learn about Yosemite’s past, present and future in a unique setting. Thank you for supporting your park!

Completed in partnership with Yosemite National Park.


Margaret Eissler

Former Director of Interpretation & Education

Project Notes

The series is a forum for the arts and sciences, a menu of diverse and often cutting-edge offerings. These programs fulfill the lodge’s original purpose as a vibrant gathering place where ideas were exchanged—ideas that could be inspiring and life changing, ideas about how to be in this world, how to live on this Earth, ideas that matched the mountains and powerful thinking that had come before.