Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias has long been appreciated as unique and irreplaceable. The Grove (along with Yosemite Valley) was recognized by Congress in 1864 as the first federally protected scenic area in the country.

While we have long marveled at these magnificent trees we have not always protected them well. Current conditions in the grove are posing a threat to the trees’ survival and we need to act now. Yosemite Conservancy donors are funding work that will restore the Grove by balancing visitor needs with ecological protection.

In 2011, early phases of the project were addressed such as wetland assessment, archeological assessment and early design work. Restoring the Grove ensures future generations will have the chance to marvel at the ‘Grizzly Giant’ and his neighbors in the Grove.

Bill Kuhn

Vegetation Ecologist

Project Notes

The majestic giant sequoia have stood watch over the changing landscape of Yosemite for millenia.