Yosemite Valley trails are some of the most popular in the park and let visitors get up close to iconic landmarks such as Yosemite Falls. These trails are easily accessible from locations such as the Nature Center at Happy Isles or the many shuttle stops throughout the Valley.

If you have hiked the Valley Loop Trail between Church Bowl and Lower Yosemite Fall, you have probably marveled at the beautiful dry stone masonry that is evident in the steps and retaining walls.

Building on Past Trail Successes

Yosemite Conservancy has completed many ambitious trail projects to date.

In 2013, we continued to improve accessibility on the Valley Loop Trail from Lower Yosemite Fall to Camp 4. Crews used sustainable materials to create a well-defined, accessible path that now allows all visitors to easily navigate the trail. The Swan Slab area is better defined to provide access for climbers, through-access for hikers and improved way-finding.

Restored trails keep hikers safe and minimize tripping and falling hazards, while providing a gateway to spectacular views.

Together, we are restoring the best trails for you and for Yosemite.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park.

Dave Kari

Trails Supervisor

Project Notes

Some sections of these legendary trails are well more than 100 years old. By reconstructing these trails in a similar manner to their original construction, we enable visitors to hike along trails that are strikingly similar to what it was like when visiting the park in the early 1900s.