While hiking along the popular Lembert Dome Loop Trail you will see some of the most spectacular views of Tuolumne Meadows. This project improves your hike by restoring the wet and muddy sections of this trail.

Sections of this trail were wet because they passed through fragile wetlands and ponded areas. This trail restoration project rerouted these trail sections to a drier, more sustainable route. The surrounding wetlands were then carefully restored and natural water flow reestablished.

This multi-year trail restoration project provides hikers with a drier and safer trail, while they enjoy views of the surrounding wetlands that have been returned to their natural, beautiful wilderness state.

Working together we are creating sustainable trails that keep hikers dry and wetlands wet.

Partnering with National Park Service

Lou SummerfieldBranch Chief of Roads and TrailsNational Park Service

Project Notes

One thing I give thanks for almost every day is the generosity, dedication and passion of Conservancy donors who provide us with resources to keep Yosemite’s trail system the gold standard within the National Park System.