Each year thousands of visitors in Yosemite will meet one of its many interpreters—a park ranger, a volunteer docent at a museum or a partner presenting an astronomy talk at Glacier Point.

Yosemite Conservancy wants visitors to have the very best experience with all interpreters, so based on the past success of this program we have funded a dedicated interpretive ‘coach’ whose focus is on evaluating and improving many of the current visitor programs.

Over the past years this interpretive coach has improved many programs through feedback and training. This funding ensures all interpreters have access to ongoing training, in turn giving visitors the very best experience while they are in Yosemite.

Tom Medema

Branch Chief of Interpretation

Project Notes

The educational exhibits and waysides people see along the roadsides and in visitor centers are all funded by Conservancy donors’ dollars. There are so many different ways Conservancy donors reach people through the interpretive programs in Yosemite that it’s hard to even calculate the total impact.