Reintroduction of the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep into Yosemite was one of the Conservancy’s first major wildlife projects. Yosemite’s Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep recovery was challenged by the proximity of domestic sheep to park boundaries.

When wild and domestic herds come into contact, Yosemite’s bighorn sheep may be exposed to domestic diseases, hindering their recovery efforts.

This project provided for satellite GPS collaring of approximately 30 animals within Yosemite, which allowed wildlife managers to more effectively monitor their movements. Wildlife managers are now able to react and manage the herds’ position as necessary to prevent contact with domestic sheep populations.

Sarah Stock

Wildlife Biologist, Yosemite National Park

Project Notes

The Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep lives in Yosemite's alpine landscapes. Our work to protect this awe-inspiring animal and boost its population enough to remove the species from the endangered species list is becoming an increasingly realistic goal.