Gaylor Lakes, located less than one mile from the Tioga Pass park-entrance station, is a popular high country destination. In addition to providing a stunning scenic backdrop, the lakes and surrounding meadows are prime habitat for the Yosemite toad and other animal species.

Over time, deep trail ruts (averaging 5–13 inches in depth) have formed in trails around Gaylor Lakes and along the trail to Granite Lake. These ruts channel water and increase erosion, leading to ever-deeper ruts, which often trap small wildlife such as Yosemite toads.

This project helped restore the fragile high-elevation meadow system around Gaylor Lakes by delineating a single trail and creating better habitat, while improving the wilderness experience for visitors. Local youth volunteers also became engaged in resource protection in the process.

With your support, we are improving the trail system for visitors and creating better wildlife habitat.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park.

Victoria Hartman

Resources Management & Science

Project Notes

The Gaylor Lakes Restoration Project restores natural processes, hydrology and Yosemite toad habitat while improving access and wilderness character to this beautiful lake basin.