Velvet Grass Removal Yosemite’s meadows play an important role in ecosystems throughout the park and are often invaded by non-native species such as velvet grass. These invasive plants can reproduce quickly and alter ecosystems with a direct effect on local wildlife which rely on native plants for their nourishment. This project helped fund the collection of data on meadows with a high probability of velvet grass, as well as help eradicate velvet grass from these high priority sites throughout the park. It evaluated the effectiveness of a range of manual and herbicide efforts to better suppress non-native species.

Garrett Dickman


Project Notes

Himalayan blackberry has displaced more than 100 acres of native vegetation in meadow and riparian areas with high plant and animal diversity. Yellow star thistle has displaced many native plants, reduced the food supply for wild animals  â€” the sharp spines stop hikers from even walking through it.