The Yosemite Museum, which opened to the public in 1926, provides a home for scores of photographs and artifacts that trace the park’s natural and cultural history. For decades, these incredible historical resources have been relegated to the museum archives, visible to the public only through periodic physical exhibits. Thanks to this grant, a trove of items from the Yosemite collections is available online for the first time in the museum’s history.

Conservancy donors have supported several projects to digitize the museum’s paintings, films, photographs and other materials. This 2016 grant provided funding to transform those digital files into an easily accessible web gallery that enables a broad audience to explore Yosemite’s history while reducing unnecessary handling of fragile, irreplaceable artifacts. The project also gave a Student Conservation Association intern the valuable opportunity to work alongside experts and gain experience in museum management and curation while processing thousands of historical assets.

Your gift helped create a digital presence for the Yosemite Museum so that many more people can connect with the park’s rich history, culture and natural resources. Thank you for supporting your park!

Learn more about the Yosemite Museum and the park’s collections.

Completed in partnership with Yosemite National Park and Student Conservation Association.


Miriam Watson

Registrar, Yosemite Museum

Project Notes

By creating a digital presence for these collections, images could be readily accessed by staff, general public, and researchers. Images could be more easily published in journals, incorporated into websites, and used in educational programming.