Carlon Meadow is located off the Hetch Hetchy Road just inside the park’s western boundary, and was once part of an extensive lodging complex that included the Carl Inn.

All that remained of the Inn were bits of foundation, eroding asphalt and extensive earthworks that interrupted the natural drainage of what was once a beautiful meadow.

With Conservancy donor support, old asphalt roads, parking pads, and exposed pipes and concrete footings were removed and natural contours re-established. As a result, the river can move more within its natural floodplain, allowing for the expansion of sensitive wetland habitat. Visitors to Carlon Meadow can now enjoy a more natural, flourishing ecosystem.

Sue Beatty

Restoration Ecologist

Project Notes

Meadows play an important role by capturing snowmelt in the deep soils and releasing nutrient-rich water into the streams and rivers throughout the summer.