The story of Buffalo Soldiers in Yosemite is deeply linked to the park’s cultural history, and now thousands of people are getting the chance to see and hear more about it. Park ranger Shelton Johnson portrays the life of a Buffalo Soldier in Yosemite and lends a voice to this hidden history while connecting a diverse audience to the park.

Filming began in 2011 and continued through 2012, with the final 45-minute film completed in 2013. Beautiful high country footage provides the backdrop for accurate portrayals of horses and camp situations as experienced by the Buffalo Soldiers.

Through the continuing presence of diverse stories and media, Yosemite remains a national leader in multicultural outreach and education. Thank you for your commitment to ensuring this place remains a treasure and a tribute to all who have helped shape it.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park, SnowCreek Consort Films, Red’s Meadows Packers, Los Banos Buffalos and Steven Bumgardner.

Mary Kline

Interpretation and Education

Project Notes

These stories of hidden history help reach our diverse audiences and give them a connection to Yosemite.