As demographics in many parts of America continue to change it is important that we all have the same opportunity to experience our national parks. Yosemite is located near the Central Valley which includes a diverse population that lives and works there, including many Hispanics.

In 2011, Yosemite Conservancy donors funded the production of a field journal for local underserved communities. This journal allowed people of all ages to begin a more personal relationship with the natural world, starting in their own back yard. This guided exploration through nature built a bridge from their backyard, to their neighborhood park and on to Yosemite National Park.

It has been used as an important element in the parks’ Hispanic Outreach program at various community and statewide events. This project recognizes that the future of Yosemite relies on building stewards across many different communities.

Vera Reyes

ARC participant

Project Notes

It changes how you feel about yourself and about the need to protect wilderness.