Yellow Pine Volunteer Area is a base for volunteers who contribute hundreds of hours of work to Yosemite National Park. In 2011, Yosemite Conservancy funded the installation of new bear-proof food lockers and wildlife educational resources throughout this volunteer camping area.

Food kept outside lockers encourages bears to the area, and marks the beginning of a preventable downward spiral. Bears develop unhealthy eating habits, becoming aggressive with humans and teaching their cubs’ similar behavior. In some cases the bears must be put down as a result of this behavior.

By providing additional bear-proof food lockers throughout the park we create a simple and effective way of keeping both campers and wildlife safe.

Caitlin Lee-Roney

Wildlife Biologist

Project Notes

With better monitoring and faster response, bears will be seen more often in their natural habitat, eating their natural foods. Visitors will less often have to deal with bears damaging things or eating their food. Visitors and bears alike will be protected.