The Yosemite Archives contains over 100,000 slides and 8,000 historic drawings. This collection represents presentations made over the years by Yosemite naturalists and others affiliated with the park. It represents Yosemite’s history and expertise in many areas, from documenting spectacular natural occurrences, to wildlife and botany, to cultural artifacts, such as American Indian structures.

Many of these resources are extremely fragile, and yet are often needed by historians. In 2011, interns from the Student Conservation Association (SCA) digitized and cataloged a portion of this collection. Using modern technology this material will not only be protected but also made broadly available in many user-friendly electronic formats.

Yosemite Conservancy has a long been committed to preservation of Yosemite’s cultural past. This project, and the many similar projects our donors have funded over the years, ensures these resources are protected for the future and available for all to use today.

Partnering with: Student Conservation Association (SCA) a program for college interns.

Brenda Lissoway

Project Manager

Project Notes

“Student Conservation Association interns are given the opportunity to engage with historic resources and develop professionally, while creating digital access to collections.”