This year-round program takes underserved high school students through an intensive course that links wilderness to academics, adventure to leadership, environmental science to literacy and confidence to activism.

For many, it’s their first introduction to nature and builds a foundation for a life long relationship with the outdoors. Activities like rafting and rock climbing not only provide a fun way to be outdoors but are also background for projects on ecology and literacy. Program participants have access to student tutors and university mentors. It opens up a world of reward through study and nature, and connects them directly to alumni who have succeeded in previous programs as role models.

By supporting this program Yosemite Conservancy donors are providing youth with new paths in their academic lives, which for many are life-changing.

Partnering with: Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC), the University of California Berkeley and the University of California Merced.

Vera Reyes

ARC participant

Project Notes

It changes how you feel about yourself and about the need to protect wilderness.