Inspiring the next generation of park stewards starts now. Through this project, environmental-education programs are being brought to schools in Yosemite’s gateway communities, connecting underserved youth to the legacy of national parks at a vital time in their academic progress.

The key events and histories associated with the anniversaries of the Yosemite Grant, Wilderness Act and the National Park Service serve as teaching tools to engage youth with these important milestones. Hundreds of students participated in ranger-led education programs that celebrated and recognized the value of public lands. Many youth participants will go on to volunteer in restoration projects, visitor services or events in their communities.

By establishing strong relationships with local schools, we are building a long-term plan to create relevancy and enhance stewardship of public lands.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park, NatureBridge and additional Yosemite gateway youth programs.

Shauna Potocky

Branch Chief of Education

Project Notes

These programs help make meaningful and lifelong connections for youth to places like Yosemite.