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Did we (April) fool you? 

You won’t find flamingos in Yosemite anytime soon, but the park’s focus on building international connections is no joke!

Your gifts help Yosemite stand out as a global leader in park management and conservation — and help park experts share their knowledge and experiences with peers around the world.

Yosemite currently has 15 “sister parks” across nine countries: Australia, Chile, China, Germany, Jordan, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal and Tanzania. Through technical exchanges, Yosemite staff have helped sister parks build trails and bridges, develop climbing programs, assess rock fall hazards, and more. Yosemite also hosts delegates from protected lands around the world, and benefits from opportunities to discuss challenges that span park (and continental) borders, such as the impacts of climate change or high visitation.

We might have been kidding earlier, but we’re 100% serious about this: Thank you for supporting your park!